Services Provided by ESASA

Educational Support

The Association provides ongoing educational support by the provision of:

  • Training and development for teachers in ethnic schools according to needs identified by teachers and schools.

  • Professional advice for teachers in ethnic schools on matters relating to languages teaching.

  • Curriculum advice and support, including resource sharing between teachers within ethnic and mainstream sectors at state and national levels.

  • Assistance for newly established schools with development of educational programs, teaching materials and resources.

  • Support, as required, to ethnic school teachers in country areas.

  • Facilitation for interaction for ethnic schools and their teachers with other key providers and agencies such as Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations Inc. (AFESA), Ethnic Schools Board (ESB), Aboriginal, Multicultural, Languages & Learning Resource Centre (AML & LRC), School of Languages (SOL), SACE Board of SA, etc.

  • Advice to teachers on availability to access equipment for producing teaching materials.

Administrative Support

The Association provides ongoing administrative support by the provision of:

  • General information for establishment of an ethnic school.

  • Information on incorporation of ethnic schools authorities and the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 implications for management of ethnic schools authorities.

  • Assistance to ethnic schools authorities with financial management, keeping of accounts and budgeting.

  • Assistance with drafting of correspondence to various government departments, agencies and authorities.

  • Assistance with grant information and actual grant submissions. 

  • Resource materials, reference books and access to computer and photocopying facilities.