Executive, Committees and Staff

The general management and control of the Association is vested on the Association's Executive Committee, which is elected by the Annual General Meeting.  At any time, no more than two representatives of a particular language group can be on the Executive Committee, and each candidate for election to the Committee must be a representative nominated by a financial member of the Association.


Mr Binh Quang Nguyen - Dac-Lo Vietnamese Ethnic School

Deputy Chairperson
Mr Paul Demetriou - Greek Community of SA Inc.

Ms Brita Lidums - Latvian School of Adelaide Inc.

Public Officer
Mr Fakhr Armanious - St Mary & Anba Bishoy Inc. Egyptian Coptic School


Mr Senapathi Gunalan – South Australia Tamil School
Ms Kening Liu - Overseas Chinese Association of SA Chinese Ethic School
Mr Andrew Stathopoulos – Greek Community of SA Inc.
Ms Agnes Szabo - Hungarian Community School Adelaide Inc.
Ms Yasodinee Wimalasiri – Sinhala Buddhist School


Executive Officer
Mr Darryl Buchanan

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